On November 21, 2023, the Ohio Supreme Court denied Jared Michael Cline’s application for admission to the Ohio Bar, effectively delaying his ability to practice law in the state.

The case is entitled “In Re Application of Cline” with case number 2023-Ohio-4169.

Cline, a 2022 graduate of the University of Akron School of Law, applied to register as a candidate for admission to the Ohio Bar and to take the February and July 2023 bar exams. The Akron Bar Association Admissions Committee provisionally recommended approval after interviewing Cline in August 2022. However, an investigation was initiated by the Board of Commissioners on Character and Fitness due to Cline’s disclosure of an October 2021 citation for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol (OVI) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

During the character-and-fitness hearing in April 2023, a panel found that Cline, diagnosed with alcohol- and cannabis-use disorders, failed to comply with his Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP) contract. The OLAP assessment revealed his noncompliance, including a positive alcohol test on December 26, 2022, leading to his suspension from testing. Despite entering an intensive outpatient therapy program, Cline struggled to meet the requirements of his OLAP contract.

The Ohio Supreme Court, considering Cline’s significant deficiency in compliance, honesty, and trustworthiness, disapproved his bar admission application. Cline is permitted to reapply for the Ohio bar exam, but not before December 1, 2023. The court requires documentation of continuous compliance with his OLAP contract for reconsideration.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.