On Tuesday, October 10, the Board of Professional Conduct of the Supreme Court of Ohio filed a formal complaint against Attorney Stephanie Lynn Williams for violating the Code of Judicial Conduct.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Stephanie Lynn Williams’ with case no. 2023-030.

The charge cited a violation of Rule 4.3 of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct, which prohibits judicial candidates from knowingly spreading false information about themselves or their opponents and misrepresenting their identity, qualifications, or current position.

The Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct can be viewed here.

The complaint alleges that Attorney Williams violated the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct in three instances. Attorney Williams allegedly posted photographs on Facebook and her campaign website where she appeared in a judicial robe without identifying herself as a magistrate. During a political event, Attorney Williams stated that she had gained experience on the bench or as a judge through her current position. In an aired radio advertisement, Attorney Williams claimed to be an experienced judge with over twenty years of experience in Cambridge and Guernsey County.

Based on the instructions received from the probable cause panel, the director of the Board of Professional Conduct has prepared the formal complaint to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Attorney Williams.

According to Avvo.com, Attorney Stephanie Lynn Williams is a bankruptcy and debt attorney in Cambridge, Ohio. She attended the Capitol University School of Law, graduating in 2001. She acquired her license in Ohio in the same year.

The original filing can be found here.