On Thursday, August 10, 2023, the ABA Journal reported that Kentucky lawyer Ben Dusing, who is currently facing a recommended three-year suspension, has announced his commitment to managing a relief operation in Kherson, Ukraine.

Dusing, no stranger to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, has participated in six previous missions and now plans to lead operations for the nonprofit organization, Ukrainian Patriot. Despite the potential dangers, Dusing remains resolute in his belief that this mission is his calling.

Dusing’s legal career took a drastic turn when his law license was temporarily suspended due to allegations of filing frivolous motions and making threats against court officials in a social media video. Specifically, Dusing was accused of using explicit language extensively and issuing threats against two lawyers involved in custody disputes concerning his children. The Cincinnati Enquirer also reported that Dusing allegedly requested his co-counsel to pay $5,000 to a psychologist in exchange for altering a report’s conclusions about his personality traits.

A trial commissioner has recommended a three-year suspension for Dusing, suggesting that no credit be granted for the time he has already spent on temporary suspension since February 2022. This recommendation was reported in both the Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO in April of this year.

Despite the controversy surrounding his legal career, Dusing is determined to make a positive impact in Ukraine. He acknowledges the inherent risks associated with his aid work, emphasizing the relentless danger faced by residents in Kherson. Dusing firmly believes that this mission is his destiny, viewing bravery in the face of danger as the essence of living a meaningful life.

Ben Dusing’s decision to embark on a humanitarian mission in Ukraine demonstrates his unwavering commitment to providing aid to those in need, even in the midst of professional challenges. As he faces a recommended suspension, Dusing’s dedication to humanitarian efforts serves as a testament to his resilience and belief in the importance of helping others. The outcome of his suspension remains uncertain, but his resolve to make a difference in Ukraine remains unwavering.


Source: ABAJournal