On December 20, 2023, Attorney Jiulio Margalli petitioned for his reinstatement to the Florida Bar in the Supreme Court of Florida. Margalli had been suspended from the practice of law for two years after violating rules in several client complaints filed between 2019 and 2020.

The case is titled “In Re: Petition for Reinstatement of Jiulio Margalli,” with case nos. SC21-1686 and SC18-1916.

According to the petition, Margalli received a two-year suspension that went into effect on December 20, 2018. This suspension stemmed from complaints filed by clients Joyce Benavides, Amy Higgins, John Uberti, Raven Cooper, Robert Bursley, Lucia Mayer, and Laurence Ward. The complaints alleged Margalli violated rules related to competence, objective and scope of representation, diligence, communication, fees and costs for legal services, candor toward a tribunal, fairness to opposing parties and counsel, and conflict of interest.

As a result of these grievances, Margalli was found to have violated rules regulating competence, communication, fees, diligence, and other rules in the Florida Bar. He was placed on the Florida Bar’s inactive list for incapacity not related to misconduct on December 20, 2018.

In his petition, Margalli outlined the steps he has taken for rehabilitation since his suspension. This includes mental health treatment beginning in 2019, contracting with Florida Lawyers Assistance and undergoing evaluations. He states he has paid restitution to clients Benavides, Mayer, and Ward totaling $7,750. Margalli also details 50 hours of community service performed with Team Rubicon and Star of the Sea Foundation in November 2023.

If reinstated, Margalli will need to show he is competent and fit to practice law again. The petition and details of his rehabilitation efforts will be reviewed by the Florida Bar and Supreme Court of Florida to determine if he has met the heavy burden under rule 3-7.10 for reinstatement. A hearing may be held before a decision is made on whether Margalli can once again represent clients as a member of The Florida Bar.

According to Avvo.com, Mr. Jiulio Margalli is a criminal defense attorney at Key West, Florida. He attended the Loyola University, New Orleans School of Law. Margalli acquired his law license in Florida in 1993.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.