On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board suspended attorney Samuel Robert Aucoin for three years and ordered him to pay more than $2,600 to his former clients.

The case, titled In re: Samuel Robert Aucoin, was brought by The Office of Disciplinary Counsel, with case docket number .22-DB-020, where Aucoin was alleged to have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, namely Rules 1.3, 1.4(a, b), 1.5(f)(5), 3.4(c), 8.1(c) and 8.4(a, b, c), which generally state the following:

That a lawyer must be prompt and diligent in representing a client.

That a lawyer must sufficiently inform his client of updates.

That a lawyer must not hold the fees due or paid by client.

That a lawyer must be fair to the opposing party.

That a lawyer must not commit misconduct.

The rules of professional conduct can be found here.

It was stated that Mr. Corey Jones hired Aucoin to process his divorce but the latter failed to secure it. When contacted, Aucoin never answered his telephone. After two years, Aucoin had still not performed the work that he was hired to complete to the damage and detriment of Mr. Jones.

On May 2, 2019, Aucoin issued a worthless check in the amount of $153.48, drawn on JP Morgan Chase Bank, to Melancon Pharmacy. This criminal act violated Louisiana R.S. 14:71.

Furthermore, Mr. Michael Comeaux stated that he had hired Aucoin to represent him in a divorce action. The complainant said that he and  Aucoin were present for a hearing wherein the judge orally granted the divorce. However, when Mr. Comeaux contacted the Clerk of Court several months later, he was told that his divorce was never made final. It appeared that the required paperwork was never filed by Aucoin. Mr. Comeaux said that he tried to contact Aucoin by texting and calling, but the latter would not call or text him back.

The order reads:

“That respondent Samuel Robert Aucoin be suspended from the practice of law in Louisiana for a period of three years. This suspension should run concurrently with the suspension imposed in In re Aucoin, 2021-0847 (La. 12/7/2021), 328 So.3d 409, such that the period of suspension should be for three years beginning December 7, 2021.”

The order continues:

“That respondent Samuel Robert Aucoin pay restitution to Corey Jones in the amount of $1,800.00 plus legal interest on this amount from the date of the recommendation until paid.”

The order went further:

“That respondent Samuel Robert Aucoin pay restitution to Michael Comeaux in the amount of $800.00 plus legal interest on this amount from the date of the recommendation until paid.”

Mr. Aucoin attended Paul M. Hebert Law School of Louisiana State University, graduating in 1991. Before his suspension, Mr. Aucoin practiced in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is also licensed in Louisiana, with license #20682. Info on Mr. Aucoin can be found here.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.