On Thursday, January 5, 2023, the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine ordered the reprimand of New Hampshire attorney Thomas E. Dewhurst III, Esq. over allegations of negligent misuse of client funds.

The case is styled Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Thomas E. Dewhurst III, Esq., Docket No. Bar-22-18.

Mr. Dewhurst was publicly censured by the New Hampshire Supreme Court Professional Conduct Committee on September 21, 2021, for violating New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules 1.7(a)(2), 4.2, and 8.4(a).

The rules of professional conduct can be found online at this link.

The order of public reprimand in New Hampshire stemmed from allegations of Mr. Dewhurst having engaged in a conflict of interest while he was a Trustee of a trust where he had a personal tenancy interest. Moreover, Mr. Dewhurst stipulated to have engaged in direct communications with one of the trust beneficiaries that is represented by a counsel. Mr. Dewhurst’s misconduct in New Hampshire is analogous to violations of Maine Rules of Professional Conduct 1.7(a)(2), 4.2, and 8.4(a).

Mr. Dewhurst stipulated that a reciprocal discipline in the form of Reprimand is warranted.

Based on the foregoing facts, the Court reprimanded Mr. Dewhurst in relation to the above-cited rules of professional conduct.

Mr. Thomas E. Dewhurst III, Esq. earned his law degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center, University of New Hampshire School of Law. He maintains a general practice in New Hampshire and Maine, and is listed as the Principal of The Law Offices of Thomas E. Dewhurst, III, Esq. He has been licensed to practice in Maine, license no. 003542, as well as in New Hampshire.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.