The Supreme Court of Maryland issued an order on August 25, 2023, transferring attorney Ira Charles Cooke to disability inactive status based on a joint petition filed by Cooke and acting bar counsel.

The case is entitled “Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Ira Charles Cooke” with case no. 48.

The parties indicated in their joint petition that Cooke consents to be transferred to disability inactive status for an indefinite period under Maryland Rule of Procedure 19-736(c).

Rule 19-736(c) allows for an attorney to be transferred to disability inactive status if the attorney has a mental or physical condition that makes it impossible for the attorney to provide competent legal services. By consenting to the transfer, Cooke acknowledged that such a condition prevents him from continuing to practice law.

In its order, the Court granted the joint petition and officially transferred Cooke to disability inactive status indefinitely. The order further requires the clerk of the court to remove Cooke’s name from the register of attorneys in Maryland and certify that fact to the Client Protection Fund and all clerks of judicial tribunals in the state. This ensures that Cooke is no longer listed as an active, practicing attorney in Maryland until such time as he may seek to be reinstated under the applicable rules.

The action taken by the Court will allow Cooke to address any conditions preventing him from competent practice without facing disciplinary action. It also protects the public by no longer recognizing Cooke as authorized to represent clients or practice law until further review shows he can do so competently again.

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A copy of the original filing can be found here.