On Friday, July 7, 2023, the Supreme Court of Tennessee permanently disbarred Memphis attorney Urura W. Mayers for practicing law despite being suspended for using client funds to gamble at casinos,

The case is titled “In Re: Urura W. Mayers,” case no. M2023-00899-SC-BAR-BP.

The charges cited Mayers’ violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) 1.15 (safekeeping property and funds), 1.15(a) (fees), 3.4(c) (knowingly disobeying an obligation under the rules of a tribunal), 5.5 (unauthorized practice of law), 8.1(b) (bar admission and disciplinary matters), 8.4(a) (violating the Rules of Professional Conduct, 8.4(c) (misconduct involving dishonesty, deceit, fraud, or misrepresentation, 8.4(d) misconduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice), and 8.4(g) (knowingly failing to comply with a final court order in a proceeding in which the lawyer is a party.

According to the court filing, Mayers was temporarily suspended on November 30, 2020, for misappropriating funds and for posing a threat of substantial harm to the public.

The filing states:

“After a hearing upon the disciplinary petition, a Hearing Panel determined Ms. Mayers withdrew client funds from her trust account without authorization on multiple occasions and used those client funds to gamble at casinos. Ms. Mayers attempted to deceive investigators by making false factual statements and submitting altered bank records.”

Mayers, however, failed to comply with the requirements set forth by the Tennessee Supreme Court rules for suspended attorneys by failing to inform the courts, opposing counsel, and her clients about her suspension. Moreover, she continued to practice law without authorization for an extended period of time, failed to respond to subsequent lawful Board requests for information, and failed to participate in the disciplinary process.

The Hearing Panel upon hearing of the matter, reported and recommended to the court that Mayers should be disbarred from the practice of law, and was thereafter approved by the Board of Professional Responsibility.

Mayers was given a period within which to appeal the Hearing Panel’s Report and Recommendation, however, Mayers did not file any.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court approved the Report and Recommendation, as well as the Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment of the Hearing Panel.

The Order of Enforcement reads:


(1)Urura W. Mayers is permanently disbarred from the practice of law pursuant to Tenn. Sup. Ct., R., §12.1.”

Ms. Urura W. Mayers earned a law degree from Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law. She practiced in Memphis and she had been licensed to practice in Tennessee in 2004, license no. 023319. Mayers’ info can be found on the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility page.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.