On Saturday, March 9, 2024, Local10 reported that Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Michael Von Zamft resigned from his position following allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in the case of the former leader of the Miami Liberty City’s John Doe gang.

The resignation came after Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Andrea Wolfson disqualified Von Zamft over alleged misconduct that surfaced in the case. State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle accepted Von Zamft’s resignation and vowed to examine every aspect of the case with top litigators.

Judge Wolfson’s 15-page order detailed concerns over potential witness testimony manipulation and a “prosecutorial philosophy of winning at all costs.” She disqualified Von Zamft and another assistant state attorney over these concerns, emphasizing the importance of a fair trial for the defendant, Corey Smith.

Smith, once the leader of a notorious gang distributing drugs in Miami, was convicted of multiple murders in 2004. However, issues surrounding witness testimony and potential prosecutorial misconduct have emerged, leading to a retrial. The case involves complex legal matters and allegations of past and present misconduct by the prosecution.

As the case moves forward, the focus will be on ensuring a fair trial for Corey Smith and addressing any issues of misconduct that may have impacted the judicial process. The resignation of Assistant State Attorney Michael Von Zamft highlights the consequences of alleged misconduct in high-profile cases and the need for accountability within the legal system.



Source: Local10