On Monday, January 22, 2024, the Miami Herald reported that Hector Acosta Carrillo, a Miami-based personal injury attorney, had been placed on emergency suspension from practicing law in the state. According to documents from the Florida Bar, Acosta misappropriated over $10,000 from his client trust account to fund his pain medication addiction.

The Florida Bar began investigating Acosta in April 2023 after a check from his law firm’s trust account bounced. A bar auditor found that between February and April of that year, Acosta had made 15 unexplained withdrawals totaling nearly $5,000 from the account. He also transferred over $5,000 directly from the trust to his personal bank account. During this time, the trust account fell over $10,000 short of what was owed to a client and two medical providers.

In an interview, Acosta admitted that he had been using the client funds to hide his ongoing drug abuse from his family. He disclosed that his addiction escalated from prescription dog medications to oxycodone and eventually fentanyl. At the height of his usage, Acosta claimed he was spending around $1,000 per day to support his habit.

As a result of misappropriating the client’s funds, even after he paid what was owed, Acosta is facing suspension of his law license by the Florida Supreme Court. He is currently in a 90-day rehabilitation program and hopes that getting sober will allow him to practice law again someday. Acosta has battled substance abuse issues for over a decade, reportedly stemming from injuries sustained during his baseball career.



Source: Miami Herald