George D. Gostias, an attorney in Livonia, Michigan, has been issued a notice of interim suspension by the Attorney Discipline Board. The suspension was effective as of August 24, 2023, according to the notice issued on August 31, 2023.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of George D. Gostias,” with case no. 23-56-GA.

According to the notice, Gostias failed to appear at a hearing on August 17, 2023, and the Tri-County Hearing Panel #10 entered an Order of Suspension pursuant to MCR 9.115(H)(1) [Failure to Appear], resulting in his suspension. The suspension will remain in effect until further order of the panel or the Board.

This action is pursuant to MCR 9.115(H)(1), which states that an attorney who fails to appear at a hearing may be suspended by the hearing panel. The Attorney Discipline Board is responsible for overseeing the discipline of attorneys in Michigan and takes appropriate action when an attorney fails to comply with the rules of professional conduct.

Accordin to Mr. Gostias is a divorce & separation attorney in Livonia, Michigan. He acquired his law license in Michigan in 2010. 

A copy of the original filing can be found here.