On Thursday, July 20, 2023, the Supreme Court of Missouri disbarred Neosho attorney Patricia Ann Brock Loveland for professional misconduct, aggravated by her failure to file an answer relating to the allegations within the time required despite having been properly served.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Patricia Ann Brock Loveland,’ with case number SC100033.

Initially, the Court was advised by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel that Attorney Loveland was found guilty of professional misconduct as a result of violations of Rules 4-1.1, 4-1.3, 4-1.4(a)(1), 4-1.4(a)(2), 4-1.4(a)(3), 4-1.4(b), 4-1.15(a), 4-1.16(d), 4-3.2, 4-3.4(c), 4-8.1(c), and 4-8.4(c) and should be disciplined.

The Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and the Judiciary can be found here.

Regrettably, the respondent failed to file a response to the allegations within the timeframe set despite proper notice. Pursuant to Rule 5.13, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel notified the Court of said dereliction through a notice of default.

On account of this, the Court ordered the disbarment of Attorney Loveland, rather than the mere disciplinary action as recommended by the Disciplinary Counsel. Attorney Loveland’s failure to respond to the imputation furthered the Supreme Court’s disbarment decision against her. Attorney Loveland is likewise slapped with a fee amounting to $2,000.00 to the credit of the Advisory Committee Fund and ordered to comply with the procedure following a disbarment order.

The disposition reads:

“Now, therefore, it is ordered by this Court that Patricia Ann Brock Loveland is hereby disbarred, that her right and license to practice law in the State of Missouri is canceled, and that her name be stricken from the roll of attorneys in this State.

It is further ordered that Respondent comply in all respects with Rule 5.27 – ProcedureFollowing a Disbarment or Suspension Order.

Fee pursuant to Rule 5.19(k) in the amount of $2,000.00 payable to the Clerk of this Court to the credit of the Advisory Committee Fund taxed to Respondent.”

Attorney Loveland acquired her law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law and was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 1996. More of Loveland’s bio can be viewed here.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.