On Thursday, July 6, 2023, the State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division Third Judicial Department granted the resignation for non-disciplinary reasons of attorney Robert Dale Atkins.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Robert Dale Atkins,” with case no. PM-137-23.

Atkins sought permission to resign from the New York bar voluntarily and without any disciplinary implications (as per Rules for Attorney Disciplinary Matters [22 NYCRR] § 1240.22 [a]). The Attorney Grievance Committee for the Third Judicial Department (AGC) expressed no objections to Atkins’ resignation application.

After thoroughly reviewing Robert Dale Atkins’ affidavit, which was sworn to on April 26, 2023, and officially filed on May 2, 2023, as well as carefully considering the correspondence received on June 20, 2023, from the Chief Attorney of the Attorney Grievance Committee for the Third Judicial Department (AGC), the court has established that Atkins meets the necessary criteria to resign voluntarily from the New York bar for reasons unrelated to any disciplinary matters. Consequently, the court has decided to approve his application for resignation and accepted his resignation from the bar.

In relation to this, the court orders that Atkin’s name be immediately stricken from the roster of attorneys and counselors-at-law of the State of New York, effective without delay and until further notice from the court. He is commanded to cease all practice of law in any capacity within the state and is prohibited from appearing as an attorney before any court or public authority. Additionally, Atkins must surrender any attorney secure pass issued to him within 30 days of this ruling to the Office of Court Administration. The court noted that failure to comply with these orders may result in further disciplinary actions.

The Disposition states:

“ORDERED that Robert Dale Atkins’ application for permission to resign is granted and his nondisciplinary resignation is accepted.”

Mr. Atkins is listed as a managing partner at Patent Law Group: Atkins and Associates, P.C. He attended the Arizona State University College of Law. He practices in Arizona. He is licensed in Arizona and New York, with license no. 5186945. His info can be found on Linkedin.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.