On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, The Messenger Politics reported that Stormy Daniels’ complaint against one of Donald Trump’s former defense attorneys, Joe Tacopina, was dismissed by New York’s Attorney Grievance Committee.

Daniels, a prominent adult film actress, has been a key witness in the ongoing criminal case against former president Trump. Prosecutors in Manhattan allege that during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep silent about an alleged past affair with Trump in 2006. Cohen later pleaded guilty to felony campaign finance violations for his role in the payment.

In this case, Daniels filed a complaint against Tacopina claiming he had a conflict of interest for being involved in her legal matters while also representing Trump. In September 2022, a New York judge had already cleared Tacopina of any wrongdoing regarding Daniels’ conflict of interest claims, finding they “lack merit” based on an evaluation by an independent ethics expert. However, Daniels’ attorney Clark Brewster still had a separate pending complaint against Tacopina filed with the Attorney Grievance Committee.

After investigating the allegations, the committee informed Tacopina on November 22 that they determined “to take no further action” and were closing the case. Tacopina welcomed the decision, stating that both the court and committee had ruled he committed no ethical violations as he had maintained from the beginning. However, Brewster declined to provide a comment on the outcome to The Messenger.

The story provides context that in 2018, during an interview on CNN, Tacopina had told the host he could not discuss Daniels because of attorney-client privilege related to her potentially seeking his legal counsel. But after joining Trump’s defense team, Tacopina distanced himself from those comments by asserting he had never met, spoken to, or viewed any documents pertaining to Daniels’ cases.

With both judicial and disciplinary authorities now clearing Tacopina of any wrongdoing, it appears to bring Daniels’ complaints against the former Trump attorney to a close. However, the underlying criminal case involving the hush money payments remains ongoing.


Source: The Messenger Politics