On Thursday, August 24, 2023, the State of New York Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department granted the Motion for Reinstatement filed by Attorney Alissa J. Goetz.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Alissa J. Goetz’ with case no. PM-183-23.

Ms. Goetz was suspended from practicing law in September 2022, following a violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a, which requires that every attorney admitted to practice in the State of New York register every two years with the Chief Administrator of the Courts.

The Attorney Grievance Committee for the Third Judicial Department brought the matter to the court’s attention, seeking a reinstatement order. In its decision, the court found that Ms. Goetz had complied with the order of suspension and the rules of the court and that she had the requisite character and fitness to practice law. The court also determined that it would be in the public interest to reinstate Ms. Goetz to the practice of law.

The court’s decision was based on Ms. Goetz’s notice of motion and affidavit, which were sworn to on May 5, 2023, and the June 9, 2023, responsive correspondence from the Attorney Grievance Committee. The court found that Ms. Goetz had met the requirements of Rules for Attorney Disciplinary Matters (22 NYCRR) § 1240.16, which outlines the criteria for reinstatement following a suspension.

The order states:

“ORDERED that respondent’s motion for reinstatement is granted, and it is further

 ORDERED that respondent is reinstated as an attorney and counselor-at-law, effective immediately”

According to openpayrolls.com, Alissa J. Goetz worked as an Assistant Prosecutor for Monmouth County, New Jersey. She completed her juris doctor degree at Cornell Law School and acquired her license in 2016. For more of Attorney Goetz’s bio, please click here.

A copy of the original filing can be viewed here.