The North Carolina State Bar Council issued several disciplinary orders, according to the Spring 2024 Journal.

Three attorneys surrendered their law licenses and were disbarred. Julia Olson-Boseman of Wilmington misappropriated client funds, neglected trust account responsibilities, made misrepresentations during a grievance investigation and to the court, had a conflict of interest, charged excessive fees, and neglected a client. Nathanael Pendley of Clemmons pled guilty to federal crimes including conspiracy to commit fraud. Jonathan Washburn of Wilmington also misappropriated client funds and neglected his trust account, in addition to making false statements to banks, creditors, and during a bankruptcy proceeding and grievance investigation.

In another case, Frank Chut Jr. initially rejected agreed discipline from the grievance committee but later accepted their terms, leading to voluntary dismissal of his disciplinary hearing. A review panel examined one matter referred from the committee’s January meeting. The committee will consider the panel’s recommendation and resolve the case at their April meeting.

The commission also placed Kevin L. Wingate of Raleigh on interim suspension based on his criminal convictions for sexual offenses with a child, which demonstrated unfitness to practice. Two attorneys, Peter Henry of Arden and Rita Henry of Raleigh (no relation), were issued censures for issues including lack of diligence, failure to communicate, and not properly ending representations. Adam McBroom of Charlotte and Daniel Ryan Moose of Raleigh received reprimands involving delayed grievance responses and lack of diligence with an incarcerated client, respectively.

Finally, the journal noted stayed suspensions and consented reinstatement petitions for Lloyd T. Kelso of Gastonia and Kelly R. Routh of Charlotte. It also provided a deadline for comments on a reinstatement petition filed by Mildred A. Akachukwu, who was previously disbarred for misappropriating funds.



Source: Spring 2024 Journal