On Monday, June 12, 2023, the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma issued an order to remove 15 suspended lawyers from the State Bar’s membership list for not paying their dues for 2022.

The case is titled “In the Matter of the Striking of Names of Members of the Oklahoma Bar Association for Nonpayment of 2022 Dues,” and was brought by the Board of Governors, under case no. SCBD 7261.

The following attorneys’ names have been stricken from the rolls of attorneys:

Johnnie Brent Baker – OBA #447 – Houston, Texas
Gordon Lynn Burch III – OBA #14986 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Blaine Michael Dyer – OBA #22552 – Edmond, Oklahoma
Edward David Ellis – OBA #2691 – Paris, Texas
Lindsey Marie Everett – OBA #32227 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Krystal J. Godines Camarillo – OBA #32234 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Michael W. Hinkle – OBA #4227 – Edmond, Oklahoma
Jeri L. Jones – OBA #18084 – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Suzanne Reed Phillips – OBA #30213 – Denver, Colorado
Kathleen Therese Ralson – OBA #19917 – Mustang, Oklahoma
Marianne Shimanek Ratliff – OBA #11969 – Norman, Oklahoma
Jessica Justne Scruggs – OBA #30423 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Pamela M. Snider – OBA #14021 – Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sherry Abbott Todd – OBA #13389 – Norman, Oklahoma
Kevin Mark Vincent – OBA #32210 – Dallas, Texas

According to the Order, the aforementioned attorneys were suspended from membership in the Bar and prohibited from practicing law in the state pursuant to the June 6, 2022 Order of the Court and thereafter by Correction Order dated June 9, 2022, for their failure to pay their 2022 dues.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.