On Monday, June 12, 2023, the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma ordered the suspension of 13 attorneys for failure to comply with MCLE requirements.

The case is titled “In the Matter of the Suspension of Members of the Oklahoma Bar Association for Noncompliance with Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Requirements for the Year 2022,” and was brought by the Board of Governors, under case no. SCBD 7492.

According to the Order, the Board of Governors filed an application on May 25, 2023, seeking the suspension of 13 attorneys for their failure to comply with the 2022 mandatory legal education requirements.

The Oklahoma Bar issued an Order to Show Cause within 60 days why their membership should not be suspended, however, these attorneys failed to respond to the same.

Based on these facts and upon consideration of the Board of Governor’s application, the Court entered an order suspending said attorneys from membership in the Association and prohibiting them from practicing law in Oklahoma for failure to comply with the rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for the year 2022.

The attorneys who have been suspended are:

David James Bedford – OBA #20028– Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Debra Dawn Campbell – OBA #20467 – Wellston, Oklahoma
Mark D. Christiansen – OBA #1675 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mary Elizabeth Clark – OBA #21140 – Madill, Oklahoma
Matthew Allen Dunn – OBA #33500– Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rodney Alan Edwards – OBA #2646 – Bixby, Oklahoma
Raphael Thomas Glapion – OBA #19466– Midwest City, Oklahoma
Curley Higgins – OBA #4184– Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brian Edward McMahan – OBA #15578 – Spencer, Oklahoma
Sue Ann Nicely – OBA #10422 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Michele Lynn Schultz – OBA #13771 – Weatherford, Oklahoma
Ryan Houston Smith – OBA #30258 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A copy of the original filing can be found here.