On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma disbarred Florida attorney Kennel Carl Wright for failure to notify the Court of a  prior conviction. 

The case is entitled “State of Oklahoma v. Wright, Kenneth Karl” and was brought by the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) with case no. 7318.

The respondent was initially disciplined for his misconduct in the State of Florida. The respondent, allegedly, has committed those in the following incidents; a)Trespassing; b)Burglary Arrest in Colorado; c) Ineligible Practice of Law; and d) Failure to pay the Florida annual bar membership. The State of Florida found that the Respondent’s crimes are an embarrassment to the legal profession and a type to elicit public Ridicule.

Being admitted in the State of Oklahoma as well, the respondent failed to notify the OBA of the Florida Discipline of his criminal arrests and plea. 

The filing states:

“Respondent failed to notify the OBA of the Florida discipline or of his criminal arrests and plea. The OBA filed a Notice of Criminal Conviction and Disciplinary Action in Another Jurisdiction on September 2, 2022, initiating this summary disciplinary proceeding pursuant to Rules 7.2 and 7.7 5 of the Rules Governing Disciplinary Proceedings.”

The filing continues:

“Respondent has not appeared or filed any responsive pleading in this matter. The Bar Association recommended disbarment as the appropriate discipline in Oklahoma. Respondent was required to notify the OBA within 20 days of the Florida discipline order that he was disbarred effective May 12, 2022. Rule 7.7(a), RGDP. He failed to provide this notice. Failure to report is grounds for discipline. Id. Respondent’s disbarment by the Supreme Court of Florida “shall constitute the charge and shall be prima facie evidence the lawyer committed the acts therein described.”

The Court stated that they exercise the exclusive original Jurisdiction to carry the responsibility to discipline lawyers and regulate the practice of law to safeguard the interest of the public, judiciary, and legal profession. Thus, considering all the facts of the case, the court decided to disbar the respondent. 

As of today, Mr. Wright is listed on the website of the law firm Baker & Hostetler LLP as a practicing attorney. His info can be found on martindale.com. Mr. Wright attended Cameron University, graduating in 1979. Mr. Wright practices in Orlando Florida. He is licensed in Florida and Oklahoma as well.

A copy of the original filing can be found here