On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ordered the disbarment by consent of Pottstown attorney Eric J. Landes pursuant to the latter’s Verified Statement of Resignation. The case is styled ‘Office of Disciplinary Counsel v. Eric J. Landes’, with case no. 33 DB 2023.

Landes’ name was among the attorneys who were administratively suspended pursuant to Pa.R.C.L.E. 111(b), 66 INC (Pa. 2022) on March 23, 2022, for failure to comply with the Pennsylvania continuing legal education requirements.

After considering Landes’ resignation, the Court determined it appropriate to enter an order accepting Landes’ resignation from the bar, resulting in Landes’ disbarment on consent.

The Order reads:

“Eric J. Landes is disbarred on consent from the Bar of this Commonwealth. See Pa.R.D.E. 215. Respondent shall comply with the provisions of Pa.R.D.E. 217 and pay costs to the Disciplinary Board. See Pa.R.D.E. 208(g).”

Prior to the disbarment, Mr. Landes maintained his law practice in Pottstown. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Landes is currently a Senior Area Manager for SMS-NA, LLC. / International Services Inc. · He has been admitted to practice in Pennsylvania in 2017, license no. 323786.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.