On September 6, 2023, Presiding Disciplinary Judge Margaret Downie of the Arizona Supreme Court suspended attorney Iller Michelle Hardy from practicing law for six months and one day. This suspension stemmed from Hardy violating the terms of her probation from an earlier discipline case.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Iller Michelle Hardy,” and was brought by the State Bar, case no. PDJ 2023-9062.

Hardy was first disciplined in 2021 under case PDJ 2021-9110. On October 27, 2022, Hardy was reinstated but placed on probation for two years, which included participating in the LOMAP program for an assessment and any recommended follow-up treatment. LOMAP aims to help lawyers suffering from issues like substance abuse or mental health problems.

However, from December 2022 onward, Hardy repeatedly failed to comply with the conditions of her probation. She refused to return an executed copy of her probation terms to acknowledge them, despite multiple requests from the State Bar of Arizona. Hardy also did not submit timely and complete quarterly reports about her practice as required.

When the State Bar filed a Notice of Noncompliance on August 15, 2023, Judge Downie ordered Hardy to respond by August 28. Hardy ignored this order. She additionally failed to appear at a probation violation hearing scheduled for September 6, 2023, even though she received proper notice by email and phone.

At the September 6, 2023 hearing, documentary evidence and witness testimony established Hardy’s noncooperation with LOMAP and lack of contact with her probation monitor. As a result, Judge Downie concluded Hardy violated her probation terms, warranting discipline. Due to Hardy’s unwillingness to comply previously with LOMAP or cooperate with authorities, a six-month suspension was deemed necessary to protect the public.

According to Avvo, Ms. Iller Michelle Hardy is an education attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. She acquired her law license in Arizona in 2004.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.