On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, Attorney Wendell Terry Locke filed a petition for reinstatement before the Supreme Court of Florida. The case is entitled “In the Matter of Wendell Terry Locke,” with case no. 175591172.

Locke was suspended in March 2022 after being found guilty of a myriad of violations, including misconduct and minor misconduct, conflict of interest, meritorious claims and contentions, expediting litigation, fairness to opposing party and counsel, impartiality & decorum of the tribunal, and impugning the integrity of judicial officers.

After serving his discipline, Locke filed a petition for reinstatement stating that he should be reinstated to membership in good standing with The Florida Bar because he complied with the requirements of the Supreme Court of Florida. Specifically, during the suspension period, Locke did not practice law. Further, Locke complied with Rule 3-5.1 (h). He further argued that he did not accept any new business as a lawyer after March 1, 2022, and he attended Florida Bar’s Ethics School and Professionalism Workshop under the terms and conditions set forth in the referee’s report.

The filing states:

“In addition to complying with the requirements of the Supreme Court of Florida, Locke acknowledges that if he could turn back the hands of time, he would do more not to contribute toward the diminishing confidence in our government, and particularly the federal courts. Things have gotten so bad that citizens are now protesting outside of the homes of federal judges, in violation of federal law, attempting to intimidate said federal judges. Locke’s raising concerns of judicial bias in unsealed court filings in a civil rights case arguably contributes to the already-waning confidence in the judiciary that is being promulgated by the media. Locke regrets doing that.”

The filing continues:

“Locke paid $14,560.22 to The Florida Bar from his own funds. Locke performed community service during the suspension period, including participation in Career Day at Charles D. Wyche, Jr. Elementary School (Miami-Dade County Public hours)5, site beautification, essay contest oration, garment donations, and student engagement in Cape Coast, Ghana with African Roots Travel (4 hours)G, and volunteering for Trina’s Birthday, Inc., which supports the homeless community by ensuring that the birthdays of children residing in homeless or domestic violence shelters are celebrated (80 hours).”

For the reasons stated above, Locke, requests to have his membership in good standing with the Florida Bar restored.

The petition states:

“WHEREFORE, Petitioner, WENDELL TERRY LOCKE, requests that he be reinstated as a member in good standing with the Florida Bar.”

Mr. Locke practices in Plantation, Florida. He is licensed in Florida. His info can be found on lawyersjustia.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.