Port St. Lucie attorney suspended by the Supreme Court of Florida over guilty plea

Port St. Lucie attorney suspended by the Supreme Court of Florida over guilty plea

On Thursday, December 15, 2022, the Supreme Court of the State of Florida ordered the suspension of Port St. Lucie attorney Tracy N. Davis pursuant to the Petition filed by The Florida Bar seeking approval of Davis’conditional guilty plea for consent judgment.

The case is styled ‘The Florida Bar vs. Tracy N. Davis’ with case no. SC22-1673.

Davis tendered a Conditional Guilty Plea for Consent Judgment before a formal complaint was filed by The Florida Bar before the Supreme Court. The Florida Bar and the Board of Governors approved said plea.

In its PetitionThe Florida Bar prayed before the Supreme Court to approve Davis’ Conditional Guilty Plea for Consent Judgment, to impose the proposed discipline, and to award the Bar the costs of the proceedings.

Accordingly, the Court approved Davis’ plea and thereby suspended her from the practice of law for 91 days. Moreover, Davis was further ordered to pay costs in the amount of $1,395.00.

Prior to the suspension, Ms. Tracy N. Davis practiced in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She attended the St. John’s University School of Law. She has been admitted to the Florida Bar. Her info can be found on LawyerLegion.com.

A copy of the order of suspension can be found here.

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