On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, NBC News reported that an ethics complaint had been filed against New York Attorney General Letitia James concerning her fraud case against former president Donald Trump.

According to the report, New York Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik filed the complaint against James, alleging that the Attorney General has conducted a biased investigation and prosecution against Trump. Stefanik, an ally of the former president, argued that James has made inappropriate public statements expressing prejudice against Trump.

The complaint calls for the New York Committee on Professional Standards to investigate James and consider disciplinary actions such as suspension or disbarment. It claims that as an officer of the court, the Attorney General should maintain impartiality and not make prejudicial extrajudicial statements.

This is not the first ethics complaint Stefanik has filed regarding legal cases involving Trump. In November, she filed a complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the New York fraud trial, and in December she filed a complaint against Judge Beryl Howell over her handling of January 6th related cases.

James’ office has defended the $370 million lawsuit against Trump as a legitimate investigation into allegations he inflated his net worth for financial gain. But Trump and his allies have strongly criticized James, calling her actions politically motivated.



Source: NBC News