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  • ALABnews caters to attorneys, judges, academics, politicians, voters, and motivated litigants.
  • Our advertising packages can be purchased sitewide, by state, or bespoke for particular content types, even, dare we say, news about a specific lawyer.



  • ALABnews caters to attorneys, clients (past, present, and potential) who may wish to research an attorney or law firm for their conduct as it relates to a particular matter.
  • ALABnews does not believe it needs to dig through garbage cans to find ‘dirt’ hiding in plain sight regarding how most attorneys operate. Let us do the ‘dirty work’ for you.

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“The Bullhorn”

  • Some stories need to be told by the victims, advocates, and even judges to whom we cater who want to improve the system.
  • Our platform is for rent to express a message clearly delineated as not stemming from our editorial team, such as press releases and more. 

“Celebrity” WRITER

“Payback’s a bitch”

  • We won’t let ‘just anybody’ produce our unbiased content, but they pretty much can write our headlines!
  • If, say as an attorney, you were ever sick of some of the alleged misdeeds of your fellow members of the bar, the ‘Celebrity” Headline Writer can pay to write funny headlines for a week!