On Friday, August 25, 2023, the Supreme Court of Iowa passed an order suspending the license of Attorney Jennifer Jo Frese.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Jennifer Jo Frese,’ with case no. 2023-165.

The Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board submitted a petition requesting the suspension based on Attorney Frese’s disability or incapacity to fulfill her professional responsibilities. Attorney Frese has consented to the suspension and in fact, requested it to be effective immediately, to which the Board agreed.

The Court clarified, however, that Attorney Frese has the opportunity to seek reinstatement when she can demonstrate that her disability has been resolved and she is qualified to resume practicing law.

With these considerations, the court ordered the immediate suspension of Attorney Frese’s license.  The order also stipulated that Attorney Frese may request to dissolve or modify the suspension upon proving her recovery. The Court Client Security Commission was also directed to consult with the Chief Judge of the 2nd Judicial District regarding the appointment of a trustee, if necessary. Additionally, in response to Attorney Frese’s motion to Secure or Raise the Security Level, confidentiality and security measures for Attorney Frese’s affidavit were enforced.

In part, the disposition reads:

“Jennifer Jo Frese’s license to practice law in the State of Iowa is suspended immediately pending further order of this court. Upon the showing of exigent circumstances in this case and upon Frese’s request, the court waives the 20-day notice provisions of rule 34.17(2).”

Attorney Jennifer Jo Frese finished her law degree at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating in 2005. She currently practices in Marshalltown, Iowa. For more info about Attorney Frese, please click here.

A copy of the original filing can be viewed here.