On Monday, October 31, 2022, the Supreme Court of Missouri ordered the interim suspension of St. Louis attorney Aurora Mozelle Fluhr.

The case is titled In re: Aurora Mozelle Fluhr, case no. SC99841.

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel filed an information and motion for interim suspension before the Court advising that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate probable cause that Fluhr violated multiple provisions of the Supreme Court Rule 4, the Rules for Professional Conduct.

The Order states:

‘This Court now being fully advised of and concerning the premises does adjudge that probable cause exists that Respondent is guilty of multiple instances of professional misconduct, and Respondent poses a substantial threat of irreparable harm to the public and to the integrity of the profession.’

Based on the foregoing, the Court ruled against Fluhr.

The disposition reads:

” Now, therefore, it is ordered by this Court that Respondent, Aurora Mozelle Fluhr, is immediately suspended from the practice of law pursuant to Rule 5.24.”

Prior to the suspension, Ms. Fluhr practiced in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been licensed in Missouri, license no. 52490.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.