On Friday, July 21, 2023, the Supreme Court of Ohio accepted the resignation of attorney Perry Leslie Ancona. The case is entitled “In the Matter of Perry Leslie Ancona,” with case no. 2023-0797.

Attorney Ancona recently submitted an application for retirement or resignation under Gov.Bar R. VI(11). The application was referred to disciplinary counsel, who subsequently filed a report with the Supreme Court of Ohio on June 20, 2023. As reported by Cincinnati.com, the veteran defense attorney filed his resignation amidst the investigation by the state office for his alleged misconduct. No details about the investigation have been made public yet.

After careful consideration, the court accepted Ancona’s resignation as an attorney and counselor at law. Consequently, all rights and privileges granted to Ancona to practice law in Ohio have been withdrawn, and he is prohibited from rendering any legal services or presenting himself as an attorney authorized to appear in the state’s courts. Additionally, Ancona must reimburse any awarded amounts against him by the lawyers’ fund for client protection within 90 days of the order. Before entering any employment or consulting relationship with other attorneys or law firms, Ancona must verify compliance with registration requirements and refrain from direct client contact or handling client trust funds.

Furthermore, he is forbidden from practicing law in any capacity, and his certificate of admission to practice must be surrendered to the court’s clerk. All clients and co-counsels in pending matters must be notified of Ancona’s resignation and disqualification, and any papers or property related to clients’ cases must be delivered promptly.

Ancona shall file an affidavit showing compliance with this order and provide updated contact information to the clerk and disciplinary counsel. The case documents are subject to access restrictions as per the Supreme Court’s Rules of Practice, and service to Ancona shall be made to his last known address.

The Disposition states:

“On consideration thereof, it is ordered by the court that pursuant to Gov.Bar R. VI(11)(C), the resignation as an attorney and counselor at law is accepted as a resignation with disciplinary action pending.”

Mr. Ancona graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University, graduating in 1972. Prior to his resignation, he practiced in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed in Ohio. His info can be found on lawyer.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.