On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the Supreme Court of Ohio issued an interim default suspension against attorney Phyllis Elaine Brooks due to her failure to file an answer to a formal complaint pending before the Board of Professional Conduct.

The case is entitled “Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Phylis Elaine Brooks,” with case no. 2023-3093.

On August 10, 2023, the Board of Professional Conduct filed a certification of default against attorney Phyllis Elaine Brooks for failing to respond to a pending formal complaint. As a result, an interim default suspension was immediately imposed. This suspension entailed a cessation of all legal practice and representation on behalf of others. Furthermore, Brooks was prohibited from providing legal counsel, preparing legal documents, or performing any legal services. She was also stripped of the privileges usually granted to a practicing member of the legal profession in Ohio.

The order additionally required Brooks to verify compliance with registration requirements before engaging in any professional relationships with attorneys or law firms. Continuing legal education was mandated during the suspension period, with a specific focus on professional conduct. Reinstatement to the practice of law was contingent on compliance with court rules and orders.

Within 90 days, Brooks was required to reimburse amounts awarded by the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, with prompt reimbursement mandated for any future awards. Additionally, Brooks was obligated to notify all affected clients of her suspension, return pertinent documents or property, and refund any unearned fees. She was also required to inform opposing counsel and the court of her disqualification and maintain meticulous records of all actions taken in compliance with the order. Lastly, Brooks was required to keep all relevant parties informed of her current contact information and adhere to court filing requirements.

The Disposition states:

“Upon consideration thereof and pursuant to Gov.Bar R. V(14)(B)(1), it is ordered and decreed that an interim default suspension is immediately entered against Phyllis Elaine Brooks, AttorneyRegistration No. 0015199, last known business address in Cleveland, Ohio, and that the suspension is effective as of the date of this entry.”

According to avvo.com, Ms. Brooks is a divorce and separation attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended the Cleveland State University – Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. She acquired her law license in Ohio in 1981.

A copy of the original copy filing can be found here.