On Wednesday, August 2, 2923, the Supreme Court of Tennessee reinstated attorney Capp Peterson Taylor after a two-year suspension for conduct involving deception, dishonesty, and negligence of duty as a lawyer.

The case is titled “In the Matter of Capp Peterson Taylor.”

The two-year suspension was based on three complaints lodged against Attorney Taylor on charges of violation of Rules of Professional Conduct 1.4, 1.15(a) and (c), 5.4(b), and 8.4(g). 

According to TBA Law Blog,  these complaints stemmed from Mr. Taylor’s failure to adequately communicate with clients and keep them informed of the status of their cases. Furthermore, Attorney Taylor was charged with an improper partnership with a non-lawyer and failing to deposit a retainer fee into a trust account.

Citizen Tribune reported, that prior to this suspension, Attorney Taylor was suspended by the Supreme Court of Tennessee on December 19, 2017, for six months for improper partnership with a non-lawyer, sharing legal fees with a non-lawyer, failing to deposit retainers to a trust account, and engaging in deceptive advertising.

After serving the two-year suspension, Taylor was penalized in 2020. He filed a Petition for Reinstatement on October 7, 2022.

After taking into consideration all the merits of the petition, the Court was convinced by clear evidence of  Mr. Taylor’s change of character and the acquirement of the competency and learning required for admission to practice law in the state. Mr. Taylor further proved to the Court that his reinstatement would not do harm to the Bar, the administration of justice, and the public interest. Hence,  Attorney Taylor’s reinstatement to the practice of law in the State of Tennessee.

Attorney Capp Peterson Taylor is a law practitioner in Dandridge, Tennessee, and acquired his degree in 2006. More of Mr. Taylor’s bio can be found here.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.