On Thursday, October 19, 2023, the Supreme Court of Maryland reinstated attorney Tiffany T. Alston to the state bar, effective immediately following her disbarment on consent in 2013 for lack of competence and diligence.

The case is styled “In the matter of the Petition for Reinstatement of Tiffany T. Alson to the Bar of Maryland,” case # AG No. 6.

Alston’s disbarment on May 2, 2013, was due to professional misconduct, including neglecting a client’s matter, failing to communicate with clients, and failing to return unearned fees. According to a news article, Alston’s disbarment was due to her failure to properly handle a client’s case, which resulted in the client suffering financial harm.

Alston’s reinstatement comes after a lengthy process that began with her filing a verified petition for reinstatement on September 8, 2023. The petition was supported by documentation highlighting Alston’s efforts to address the issues that led to her suspension, including completing ethics courses and seeking counseling.

The court granted Alston’s petition for reinstatement, finding that she had demonstrated the necessary qualifications and characteristics to resume practicing law.

The court’s order reinstating Alston requires her to comply with certain conditions, including completing continuing legal education courses and paying all applicable fees.

Ms. Tiffany Alston’s Facebook profile indicates that she works at World Financial Group (WFG). She attended the University of the District of Columbia – The David A. Clarke School of Law, graduating in 2003. She acquired her law license in Maryland in 2004.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.