On Monday, August 7, 2023, ABC10 reported that Tracy city attorney Bijal Patel has been terminated from her position after it was discovered that she had been practicing law with a suspended license.

The announcement was made by Tracy Mayor Nancy Young, who expressed concern over the potential risks and legal implications associated with Patel’s actions.

According to Mayor Young, Patel failed to inform the city after her license was suspended by the California State Bar on July 1. As a result, Patel’s license became involuntarily inactive, which Mayor Young emphasized as legally equivalent to having a suspended license.

Mayor Young highlighted the serious consequences of Patel’s actions, stating that they could potentially invalidate and nullify any contracts, negotiations, and actions taken by Patel during the month of July. The city’s integrity and financial stability have been compromised, and further investigations are necessary to determine the full extent of the implications.

In her statement, Mayor Young expressed her concern over the wastage of taxpayer money, as Patel had received a salary and benefits from the city after her license was suspended. She called upon the city council to take action during their meeting on August 7 at 5 p.m. to ensure Patel’s removal from office and the revocation of her agreement with the city.

To address the situation, Mayor Young urged the city council to convene a meeting and encouraged community members to attend and voice their support for Patel’s removal from office. She emphasized the necessity of revoking the agreement between Patel and the city, in accordance with the self-executing terms of their employment contract.

“I am calling on my fellow City Councilmembers to ensure the Agreement between the City and Ms. Patel remains revoked as of July 1, as per the self-executing terms of the employment agreement,” Young said.


Source: ABC10