On Monday, January 8, 2024, CNN reported that one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election subversion case made bombshell allegations in a court filing. Michael Roman, who is charged with helping organize a fake electors scheme, claims Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had an inappropriate relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Roman’s attorneys allege Willis hired Wade to help prosecute the case without approval, and that the two were in a “clandestine” romantic relationship. They say unnamed sources have confirmed the ongoing personal relationship between Willis and Wade. Further, the filing states Wade is being paid hundreds of thousands by taxpayers, far more than other prosecutors, and has used the money to take vacations with Willis to Napa Valley, Florida, and the Caribbean.

If true, the allegations suggest Willis violated ethics standards and had a conflict of interest by appointing her romantic partner to the high-profile case without following normal hiring procedures. Pallavi Bailey, a spokesperson for Willis’ office, said they will address the claims in court filings. Legal experts note the defense provided no evidence and the allegations likely will not impact the case itself.

Roman is one of several high-profile Trump allies indicted for attempting to interfere in Georgia’s election through a fake electors scheme. Prosecutors want the trial to begin in August 2024, meaning it could directly coincide with the presidential election if Trump wins the Republican nomination again.



Source: CNN