On Friday, January 19, 2024, Latin Post reported that during the third day of the E. Jean Carroll rape trial against former president Donald Trump in New York, Alina Habba, the lead attorney representing Trump, was once again scolded by Judge Lewis Kaplan over her apparent lack of knowledge regarding basic courtroom procedure and evidence protocol.

Habba repeatedly attempted to enter Carroll’s old tweets into evidence, despite them not being included on the original evidence list. Judge Kaplan sustained objections from Carroll’s lawyers each time and reminded Habba that unlisted evidence could not be submitted. When the frustrated judge told her to “move on” multiple times and explained that she seemed unfamiliar with “Evidence 101,” it drew further criticism over Habba’s courtroom experience and legal knowledge.

The trial focuses on additional damages Trump must pay Carroll after a jury found him liable last year for defaming her in statements made in 2022.  The jury’s 2022 decision was based on Trump’s not having presidential immunity for comments made after leaving office.


Source: LatinPost