On Monday, January 22, 2024, Casino.org reported that Duane Davis, the former Compton gang leader accused in the 1996 murder of rap icon Tupac Shakur, has opted for a change in legal representation. Davis, known as “Keffe D,” has enlisted the services of Carl Arnold, a seasoned attorney specializing in cases involving individuals killed by law enforcement. However, Arnold comes with a history of facing sanctions twice by the Nevada State Bar during his two-decade career.

Arnold, a legal professional with expertise in representing the families of those killed by the police, incurred his first sanction in 2018 for inadequate filing of documents in an appeal to the state Supreme Court. Subsequently, in 2021, he faced another sanction for failing to adequately represent a defendant in the Las Vegas Justice Court. Both incidents resulted in a written reprimand and a $1,500 fine.

In response to his selection as Davis’s attorney, Arnold expressed his honor at the opportunity to represent Davis in what he referred to as one of the most historic trials of the century.

Davis, aged 60, was apprehended on September 29, 2023, after a grand jury indicted him for the murder of Tupac Shakur. Despite a bail amount of $750,000 being set on January 9, 2024, Davis has remained in custody at the Clark County Detention Center since his arrest. Arnold asserted that his client anticipates posting bail in the near future.

Davis, the sole person charged in connection to Shakur’s murder and the only surviving individual in the car from which the fatal shots were fired on September 7, 1996, has become a central figure in this decades-old case. Arnold emphasized that they are optimistic about Davis being found not guilty at the trial’s conclusion.

Prosecutors allege Davis incriminated himself as the “shot-caller” behind the murder through various mediums, including a self-published book in 2019, a BET documentary interview in 2017, and statements to a joint FBI and Los Angeles Police Department task force in 2008. Davis contends that he was promised immunity in exchange for cooperation with the task force, challenging the admissibility of his confessions without corroborating evidence.



Source: Casino Org