ALABnews reported earlier this week about the infamous Chicago lawyer, Brian Hurst and his firm Hurst Robin Kay & Allen, who had their own former client, Marty Paris, thrown in jail for non-payment of legal fees last Wednesday.

The story gets better, but not for Mr. Paris, who remains behind bars, in the Cook County jail general population. Hurst represented Mr. Paris in his divorce from Kerry Paris.

The Cook County Record also reported:

“Among others who would receive a cut of proceeds is believed to be attorney Sean Crotty, of the firm of Crotty & Schiltz. It is believed that Crotty has been romantically involved with Kerry Paris. According to court documents, he also has been recently divorced.”

The “Sean Crotty / Kerry Paris” romantic relationship is “not a secret” according to a source familiar with both parties in River Forest, a suburb that borders the city’s western edge. He/She asked not to be identified for her children’s sake by ALABnews. Mr. Crotty testified and was served multiple subpoenas in the Paris matter, according to filings.

A typical person may be surprised that Hurst, who owed duties to Mr. Paris, and Crotty together sought to have Mr. Paris thrown in jail for not paying the ex-Mrs. Paris’ lawyer-lover fees. But Cook County divorce observers were non-plussed.

The CEO of ALABnews‘ Publisher (Judiciocracy), Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq. and International Envoy for humanitarian group GazaPassage agreed to comment for this story after refusing comment on our earlier story: “Due to potential conflicts, I can’t speak to Mr. Hurst’s behavior in this case. I have seen him working with a ‘boyfriend-lawyer’ though.” [EDITOR: See Disclosure.]

Another Chicago divorce lawyer confirmed Coach’s observation related to Hurst in a case unrelated to this matter. He/she asked not to be named by ALABnews for the benefit of good relations in the tight-knit Cook County Domestic Relations division.

Mr. Crotty’s own divorce proceedings were ongoing at the same time as the Paris divorce, according to correspondence from Mr. Crotty’s lawyer, obtained by ALABnews from the public record.  The ex-Mrs. Crotty, an attorney herself, recounts how her divorce court found that Sean doesn’t regularly keep contemporaneous records of his client interactions.

Sources also tell ALABnews that, in his own divorce case, Crotty settled moments before his girlfriend, Kerry Paris, was scheduled to sit for questioning by ex-Mrs. Crotty’s lawyer.

When asked about Mr. Crotty sending his girlfriend’s “ex” to jail, Coach quipped: “I imagine his girlfriend’s ability to rely on the attorney-client privilege during their private consultations made keeping records worth it in more ways than one.”

Crotty and Schiltz, Mr. Crotty’s firm, does not list family law as a practice area on its website. It does say that Mr. Crotty and his partner, Eugene Schiltz each qualify as an “Illinois Super Lawyer.”

None of the filings by Hurst or Crotty mention how the seven Paris children are to cope with their father being thrown in jail for the holidays. The current head of the division from which  body attachment order was issued (edited 01/12/24), has never been a parent nor is active in the foster system. Our previous story noted that another Cook County judge helped create an organization to keep her from cases related to children.

Howard Rosenberg is the attorney responsible for the children before Judge Romanek. He filed a request for fees on Monday December 4th., four days before Mr. Paris was jailed.