On Friday, September 29, 2023, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board entered an Amended Rule to Show Cause and an Order of Summary Suspension against Attorney Denise Ann Daniels.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Denise Ann Daniels’ with case no. 24-000-129642.

The case contains two sections of legal proceedings involving Attorney Denise Ann Daniels who has been previously suspended for 30 days by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in the Court’s  July 17, 2023 order.

According to the filing, the District of Columbia Board found that Attorney Daniels violated professional conduct rules by directly communicating with a represented person in two separate cases and failing to respond to Disciplinary Counsel’s instructions during the investigation. Attorney  Daniels did not file any exceptions to the Board’s report and recommendation. The court accepts the Board’s recommendation and imposes a 30-day suspension on Attorney Daniels, with reinstatement conditioned upon a showing of fitness. Attorney Denise A. Daniels is directed to comply with the requirements for reinstatement as per the relevant rules.

As a result of the 30-day suspension imposed by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Attorney Daniels was summarily suspended in Virginia, effective October 6, 2023.

The filing states that Attorney Daniels is scheduled for a hearing on October 27, 2023, where she must appear before the Board to show cause why the same discipline imposed in the District of Columbia should not be applied in Virginia. Attorney Daniels was given 14 days to file a written response with the Clerk of the Disciplinary System, presenting arguments or evidence supporting dismissal or lesser disciplinary action. Failure to respond within the given timeframe may result in the Board’s refusal to consider any evidence or arguments supporting dismissal or a lesser discipline.

According to Avvo.com, Attorney Denise Ann Daniels practices in Alexandria, Virginia, having acquired her license to practice in the state in 1986.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.