On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board indefinitely suspended the license to practice law of Attorney Julia Elizabeth Mills due to impairment.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Julia Elizabeth Mills’ with case no. 24-000-129404.

The suspension is based on the Joint Impairment Petition and Consent to Impairment Suspension filed by the Virginia State Bar and Attorney Mills, herself with her counsel.

The order highlights that Attorney Mills must comply with the requirements outlined in the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia. She is required to promptly notify all her current clients, opposing attorneys, and presiding judges in pending litigation about the suspension of her license by certified mail. Additionally, Attorney Mills must make appropriate arrangements for the disposition of matters entrusted to her, based on her clients’ wishes. The document specifies that she must provide proof of timely notice and arrangements to the Clerk of the Disciplinary System of the Virginia State Bar within 60 days of the effective date of the suspension.

If Attorney Mills is not handling any client matters at the time of the suspension, she must submit an affidavit to that effect within 60 days of the effective date. The order states that the Board will determine whether Attorney Mills has complied with the notice and arrangement requirements, with the burden of proof falling on Attorney Mills. Failure to demonstrate compliance may result in further sanctions, such as revocation or additional suspension.

In part, the disposition reads:

“It is ORDERED that Julia Elizabeth Mills’ license to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be SUSPENDED indefinitely upon entry of this Order, due to Impairment pursuant to Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13-23 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.”

According to Avvo, Attorney Julia Elizabeth Mills is a lawyer from Crozet, Virginia. She acquired her law license in Virginia in 2000.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.