On Friday, June 16, 2023, the District of Columbia Attorney Disciplinary Board suspended Attorney Richard L. Sloane as a result of his disciplinary actions from the state of Virginia and Maryland.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Richard L. Sloane” with case no. 2023-D046.

Before facing disciplinary actions from the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board, the board had previously instructed the respondent to attend a hearing and provide reasons as to why the disciplinary measures applied to him in Maryland should not also be enforced in the state of Virginia.

The order to show cause states:

“It is further ORDERED that Richard Louis Sloane appears before the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, Courtroom 1, 333 E. Franklin St., Richmond VA, 23219, at 9:00 a.m. on June 23, 2023, to show cause why the same discipline that was imposed in the other jurisdiction should not be imposed by the Board. Pursuant to Part Six, Section I V, Paragraph 13-24.C of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Richard Louis Sloane has 14 days from the date of this Rule to Show Cause and Order of Summary Suspension and Hearing to file a written response with the Clerk of the Disciplinary System, which shall be confined to argument and exhibits supporting one or more of the grounds for dismissal or imposition of a lesser discipline specified in paragraph 13-24.C. Failure to file a written response within 14 days may result in the Disciplinary Board’s refusal to consider during the hearing in this matter any evidence or argument supporting the existence of one or more of the grounds specified in Paragraph 13-24.C.”

In relation to this, the Agreed Disposition in the matter of Richard Louis Sloane before the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board states that Richard Louis Sloane, a licensed attorney in Maryland and Virginia, has been indefinitely suspended from practicing law in Virginia with the right to petition for reinstatement after six months.

The suspension is based on findings by the Supreme Court of Maryland that Sloane violated several Maryland Attorneys’ Rules of Professional Conduct. The Virginia State Bar has agreed to impose the same discipline as Maryland and requires Sloane to provide proof of reinstatement in Maryland before being readmitted to Virginia.

The effective date of the suspension is June 15, 2023, and Sloane must comply with certain requirements during the suspension period. The Clerk of the Disciplinary System will assess costs, and if the suspension lasts more than one year, additional requirements may apply.

The agreed disposition states:

“WHEREFORE, upon consideration of the Agreed Disposition, the Rule to Show Cause; Order, Respondent s Disciplinary Record, the arguments of the parties, and after due deliberation, It is ORDERED that the Disciplinary Boat·d accepts the Agreed Disposition and the Respondent shall receive Indefinite Suspension with Right to Petition for Reinstatement after Six Months, as set forth in the Agreed Disposition, which is attached and incorporated in this Memorandum Order”

Following this event, the DC Attorney Disciplinary Board also decided to suspend the same on an interim basis based upon an indefinite suspension imposed in Maryland.

Mr. Sloane practices in Washington, District of Columbia. He is licensed in the District of Columbia. His info can be found on lawyersjustia.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.