On Monday, February 12, 2024, the Supreme Court of Washington issued an order disbarring lawyer Kristi Pimpleton for multiple counts of professional misconduct.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Kristi Pimpleton,” with case no. 202167-1.

The court approved the recommendation of the Washington State Bar Association Disciplinary Board to disbar Pimpleton following findings by a hearing officer that she had committed 28 counts of misconduct in violation of various Rules of Professional Conduct. These included failures to act with diligence, properly communicate with clients, safeguard client funds, comply with court rules and orders, refrain from dishonest conduct, and cooperate with the disciplinary investigation.

According to the hearing officer’s findings, Pimpleton seriously harmed several clients through lack of effort and delays in their cases which caused sanctions, harm to legal claims, and unnecessary distress. She was found to have caused financial injury by collecting thousands of dollars in fees for work she did not complete from clients like Nathan Mach, Amy Baker, Jill and Shawn Erieau, Shelby Russell, Amitabh Sharma, and Judith Ann Kleiser.

The officer further found that Pimpleton engaged in dishonesty and misrepresentations regarding her communications with opposing counsel in Sharma’s case, as well as submitting false billing records. Her failure to properly respond to disciplinary authorities also obstructed multiple investigations into client grievances.

Given the numerous violations and pattern of misconduct, as well as aggravating factors like selfish motives and substantial legal experience, the hearing officer recommended disbarment as the appropriate sanction. The high court adopted this recommendation, further ordering that any application for reinstatement be contingent on Pimpleton making full restitution to the clients that were financially harmed. She was required to pay back to six individuals.

The Disposition states:

“IT IS ORDERED: Kristi Pimpleton is disbarred from the practice of law. Pursuant to ELC 13.2, the effective date of disbarment is seven days from the date of this order. Kristi Pimpleton shall pay restitution as provided in the Hearing Officer’s recommendation and ELC 13.7, and shall also pay costs and expenses to the Washington State Bar Association as provided in ELC 13.9.”

According to Martindale, Ms. Pimpleton attended the University of Washington School of Law, graduating in 2003. She acquired her law license in Washington in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.