On Friday, December 30, 2022, the State of Minnesota Supreme Court disbarred Wilmar’s attorney Gregory Ronald Anderson over the case of felony. The case is entitled “In the matter of Gregory Ronald Anderson” and was brought by the Director of Lawyers Professional Responsibility with case no. A-19-0864.

The Charges Cited Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4(b).

The Rules of Professional can be found here.

The respondent allegedly had committed Professional Misconduct by committing a felony within the practice of law by knowingly aiding and abetting a bankruptcy client to conceal assets in connection with the client’s bankruptcy.

The filing states:

“Respondent worked with Mr. Rothers to help Mr. Rothers hide assets from his creditors and his wife. As set forth more fully below, during the respondent’s representations of Mr. Rothers, the respondent knowingly made false statements of fact, knowingly and dishonestly omitted material facts, and failed to take reasonable remedial measures when the respondent knew Mr. Rothers made materially false statements of fact to a tribunal. Additionally, the respondent knowingly made false statements of material fact to the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (OLPR) during this disciplinary matter.”

The filing continues:

“Together with the petition, the respondent filed schedules on behalf of Mr. Rothers in which the respondent made multiple false statements and omissions, including the following:

Schedule B, item 5, required disclosure of, among other things, all coin “collections or collectibles” of the debtor. Respondent replied, “None” Respondent made this statement knowing it was false. In 2014, Mr. Rothers purchased silver and gold coins at Miles Franklin in the amount of si00,000 through ABC Bin Company. Per the invoice, the purchase was billed to ABC Bin Company in Hector, Minnesota, and the coins were shipped to Mr. Rothers’ girlfriend’s home in Appleton, Minnesota. Respondent knew of the purchases before and after the schedules were filed, as demonstrated by subsequent purchases and emails in 2016.

The memo line of the $750,000 check states “see matter 10:16-0763.” Respondent’s client list includes a matter ID “16-10763” for a client, Mr. Rothers. On December 6, 2016, Mr. Rothers purchased additional gold coins under the same ABC Bin Company identity. The same ABC Hector address was billed, but the coins were shipped to the respondent’s law office address in Willmar, Minnesota. An email sent to the respondent and Mr. Rothers from the president of Miles Franklin on December 6, 2016, greets both “Jim” and “Greg” to confirm their purchase on December 6, 2016, and thanks them both for their “continued trust and business.”

With all the facts and allegations therein, the parties had entered into a stipulation dor Discipline. The respondent unconditionally admits, by waiving his rights pursuant to Rule 14 of the Rule on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, the said allegations of the Petition. Thus, disbarment is the appropriate sanction.

The Disposition states:

“Respondent Gregory Ronald Anderson is disbarred, effective as of the date of this order.”

As of today, Mr. Anderson is listed on the website of the law firm Anderson Larson Hanson & Saunders LLP as a practicing attorney. His info can be found on Linkedin. He practices in Willmar, Minnesota. He is licensed in Minnesota.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.