On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, the Supreme Court of Iowa suspended Woodward attorney Steven Craig Kaiser for failure to fully cooperate with the Client Security Commission in an effort to perform an audit of Kaiser’s lawyer trust account.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Steven Craig Kaiser,” with case no. 23-0635.

According to the court filing, the Director of Client Security Commission certified that Kaiser failed to provide trust account information as requested by the former in order to complete the audit of Kaiser’s trust account. Consequently, Kaiser was notified by the Commission that his license to practice law would be suspended unless he corrected the infraction or submitted a request for a hearing to explain his case to the Supreme Court clerk.

Proper service of the notice was made through email, regular mail, and restricted certified mail at his designated addresses, however, Kaiser failed to respond within the 15-day period as provided by court rules.

For these reasons, the Commission requested the Court to temporarily suspend Kaiser’s license to practice law in Iowa.

Accordingly, the court ruled against Kaiser and entered an order suspending Kaiser’s law license in relation to his failure to provide the information requested by the Commission and his failure to request a hearing.

The order reads in part:

“1. The license of Steven C. Kaiser to practice law in the State of Iowa is suspended, effective immediately.

2. Kaiser must comply with the January 13, 2023 Commission request for trust account information.

3. Kaiser must comply with the notification provisions of Iowa Court Rule 39.83.”

Kaiser will remain to be suspended until his full compliance with the request as certified by the Client Security Commission, until Kaiser’s proof of compliance with Iowa Court Rule 39.83, and until he files an application for reinstatement and the court enters an order reinstating his license to practice.

Mr. Kaiser earned a law degree from Drake University and maintained a law practice in Woodward. Kaiser has been admitted to practice in Iowa since 1978. Kaiser’s info can be found on Avvo.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.