On Thursday, January 11, 2024, ABAJournal reported that Nathaniel Edmond Strasser, a lawyer from Erie, Pennsylvania, requested a lesser punishment from the state Supreme Court for a prior disciplinary matter related to alleged cocaine use. Strasser, a former public defender, had been accused of consuming cocaine before a hearing for a client.

In a recent filing by his attorney Philip Friedman, Strasser acknowledged it was a mistake to represent himself in the ethics case while struggling with substance abuse. Since late 2023, Strasser has been enrolled in an outpatient treatment program where he undergoes regular drug screening. He had also completed inpatient rehabilitation twice before in 2018 and 2019, but did not disclose that background previously.

The disciplinary prosecutor had recommended a year-long suspension of Strasser’s law license last November. Now, Strasser is seeking disciplinary probation instead, with conditions set by the Supreme Court. His new lawyer Friedman argued more details about Strasser’s history of addiction and rehabilitation may have influenced the disciplinary board’s view, but a request to provide that context was denied.



Source: ABAJournal