On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, Nelson O. Ropke, an attorney from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, was reprimanded by the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board for professional misconduct. According to the Notice of Reprimand, Ropke was convicted on May 13, 2021, of Failing to Stop or Identify After a Property Damage Accident, a violation of MCL 257.618.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Nelson O. Ropke,” with case no. 23-7-JC.

A recent development within the legal community brought attorney Nelson O. Ropke under scrutiny. The Attorney Discipline Board’s Tri-County Hearing Panel #18 issued a reprimand against Ropke, marking a notable moment in his legal career.

The conviction stemmed from an incident in which Ropke was involved in a car accident and failed to stop or identify himself to the other parties involved. Ropke pleaded no contest to the charges on May 13, 2021.

The Attorney Discipline Board found that Ropke’s conduct violated MCR 9.104(5) and MRPC 8.4(b). The hearing panel ordered that Ropke be reprimanded and assessed total costs of $759.24.

The Dispositon states:

“In accordance with the stipulation of the parties, the hearing panel ordered that the respondent be reprimanded. Total costs were assessed in the amount of $759.24.”

Mr. Ropke practices in Detroit, Michigan. He is licensed in Michigan. His info can be found on avvo.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.